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Background Screening Services

Why a Background Checks should be Performed 

background screening program background checksEmployers have the right to learn more about the candidates. They also have the right to ensure that a potential new hire does not have anything worrisome in their past that could potentially harm the business or employees.

Background screening is a simple and inexpensive tool to help give a 360 degree view of your potential employee. Screening the criminal history and credentials of an applicant is the best way to keep your company from hiring a criminal, registered sex offender, an exaggerator of credentials, or just a plain liar, reducing your company's risk and liability.

It’s so easy to run a background screening check that it is almost unthinkable that some companies still make hiring decisions without the reassurance that a background check provides.


But why are Background Checks helpful? Where's the data to prove it?

In a more competitive job market, individuals are likely to embellish or hide certain information in order to appear attractive to recruiters. Research conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management shows that 50 percent of all resumes and applications contain false information. What could they be hiding?

According to the Justice Department Bureau of Justice Statistic Workplace Violence (1993-2009), as many as 572,000 non-fatal crimes occurred in the American workplace in a single year. In many of these cases, the violence could have been prevented by conducting background checks to determine if any potential new hires had criminal records. The Department of Justice claims workplace violence accounts for 18 percent of all violent crimes. The University of Florida stated, "According to a national survey, American retail employees stole $10.4 billion in a one-year period." The U.S. Department of Commerce identifies employee theft as the cause of 33 percent of all business failures.


The following are the areas included in our Criminal Background Check:

  • County Criminal
  • Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Search
  • SSN Trace
  • Multi-State/Jurisdiction Criminal Records Locator
  • Arrest Direct Candidate

Remember: You must always obtain an applicant’s written authorization prior to conducting a background check.


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